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SocialFARMS - Activities for Rural Management Services. A project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

This is a dream that came to our minds in 2006 and that we have developed by putting different interests, effort and time since that day when we took our first steps in 2008. Between 2013 and 2017, we made an effort for the Beykoz Campus, which broke new ground in Istanbul. Now we hope all of them will be able to move forward with DhamADA as part of the Permakamp Network in solidarity. Due to our design, each campus has its own specific requirements. However, these terms are supported or complemented by other campuses. Now we will experience this for the first time. We repeat our basic ethical principles, as we announced at Permakamp below. This is important because our main principles should be to be sustainable while producing, regenerative agriculture, equitable trade, and respect for ecology.

28 founder families.

  • Address: Dhamada-Bozcaada/ Çanakkale.
  • Farm Area (in ha): 4,7 ha.
  • Since: 2013.
  • No of workers: 6.

Website and social networks accounts:

Farm general description

Taking the responsibility of, we want to learn how to grow and teach our children as well. We are willing to leave the consciousness of food, soil and water as inheritance to our children; be able to keep and share the seeds. We are willing to help keeping the heirloom seeds.


Getting away from city life, integrating with nature.


All kinds of natural rehabilitation activities for kids including disabled.


Main agricultural products are grape cultivation, wine, vegetables.

Productions are sale of vegetables and grapes and vine.

Social Farm Manager Role

Responsible for the daily planning, organisation, supervision and administration of activities.

a) Social farm management +
b) Design of social farm activities +
c) Social farm future planning +

Social Farm Tutor Role

Tutors and volunteers working on the farm offer physical and mental training to the disabled and the elderly.

a) social farm ongoing activities +
b) sharing of results and evaluation +

Relationships with Social/Health Services

Farm physician and physicians working voluntarily to provide treatment and guidance about simple health problems of participants.

a) social farm tutoring +
b) collaboration with social farm tutor and manager +

Relationships with families

The farm management organises courses related to the rehabilitation of the disabled and carries out activities with the help of experts from major cities such as Çanakkale, İzmir İstanbul and Eskişehir and Bursa.

Relationships with Social Agriculture Networks


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Development plan

We want to create a community of people living in the cities coming together and produce food or sharing a food association.

Suggestions for managing a social farm

The dissemination activities related to the main functions of such farms.