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SocialFARMS - Activities for Rural Management Services. A project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The Zeytinliboğaz farm was founded in 1970 by trained farmers. The farm now offers social farming services in Bilecik. There are 2 very well trained farmers, a physician, a sports teacher and 1 staff members. Volunteers from many different professions are also employed. As they develop themselves by constantly researching, observing and reading, they gain new practices by applying the ideas that the farm and the environment give them on their farms. Natural production methods are applied in Zeytinliboğaz Farm. Zeytinliboğaz Farm is being redesigned and developed according to the principles of Permaculture.

  •  Name and Surname: Selçuk ŞAHİN.
  • Birth Year: 1977.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Education: Dumlupınar University – Computerized accounting ve Anadolu University – Business / Marketing.
  • Address/map: Gemici Mahallesi, 11700 Karaağaç Köyü/Gölpazarı/Bilecik.
  • Farm Area (in ha): 3,2 ha.
  • Date of establishment of the social farm: 1970.
  • No of workers: 5.

Website and social networks accounts:

Farm general description

Continuous carpentry, garden social, seedling and flower cultivation, forage crop cultivation, beekeeping, grafting, poultry or small animal social, pickle canned jam marmalade, sourdough bread, pita bread making, natural aromatic sherbet for elderly, youngs and the disabled in a natural habitat.


The Zeytinliboğaz farm was founded in 1970 by trained farmers. The farm now offers social farming services in Bilecik.


All kinds of natural rehabilitation activities of old and young people (social farming).


Sale of vegetables and animal products, yoghurt, cheese, pickles, pasta, sour leavened bread.

Social Farm Manager Role

Description of the social farm manager’s role:
Responsible for the daily planning, organisation, supervision and administration of activities.
a) Social farm management +
b) Design of social farm activities +
c) Social farm future planning +

Social Farm Tutor Role

Tutors and volunteers working on the farm offer physical and mental training to the disabled and the elderly.
a) social farm ongoing activities +
b) sharing of results and evaluation +

Relationships with Social/Health Services

Farm physician and physicians working voluntarily to provide treatment and guidance about simple health problems of participants.
a) social farm tutoring +
b) collaboration with social farm tutor and manager +

Relationships with families

The farm has accommodation with rooms converted this year. Workaway comes from foreign volunteers. International cultural exchanges are prevented on the farm. Local efforts are made to contribute to the environment. The products produced can be delivered by cargo. System based on continuous learning is available. The farm carries out activities with the help of experts (e.g. agriculture, psychologists, physiotherapists, animal trainers, food scientists).

Relationships with Social Agriculture Networks

Main target groups: Youths, the elderly and the disabled.

Partnerships with public institution: Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in Bilecik, University.

Partnerships with social cooperatives: Bilecik Chamber of Agriculture, Bilecik disabled life association.

Future collaborations: The farm is open to new collaborations in the development of natural habitats and especially in the context of psychological rehabilitation.


To carry out volunteer work, to organize educational activities, to ensure the survival of traditional methods, to ensure the development of biological diversity by taking protective measures, to work for the development of social entrepreneurship, to contribute to the solution of social problems with the studies carried out, to support the people of our region

Development plan

To gain social awareness with the studies carried out, to support the producers in our region, to awaken their desire and support them to produce with ecological methods.

Suggestions for managing a social farm

A settlement integrated with nature, establishing a very professional team.